Valinco: Monochrome Brown Tassel Loafer

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This quarter brogue shoe with a broad cap and dual-textured shoes makes this pair a unique add-on to your shoe collection. The fabric is adorned with a detailed dotted design and tassels. Get that effortless, classy laid back look! You can’t unsee this sleek bad boy.
Oomph your personality and get your presence known with these stylish loafers. 

Design: The different textured fabric is sewed perfectly, adorned with dotted designs on the edge and topped with tassel detailing. The design is finished with a vegan suede tab on the back and inclined suede fabric on the front. 

Material: This shoe is made from vegan leather and vegan suede. The sole is made from
cushiony fabric shaped to hold your feet comfortably for a long time! The secure tread sole adds extra grip. 

These are for semi and have suede inside and vegan leather on the top with tassels has a
unique sole making it look more appealing!

Lining: Shoe colour
Finishing: Shine/ Velvety 
Type: Loafers
Best for: Formal/Special occasion

Made from sustainable leather alternative 

Our material is formulated and developed as a high-quality sustainable alternative to conventional leather. With the advent of chemical technology, the vegan alternative mimics leather and is light, sturdy, and water-resistant. The material is extremely versatile and can be used to make other utility products and items as well! 

Common vegan leathers used are Coffee fiber, microfiber, cactus leather, and high-quality faux leather to name a few. These materials are chosen to replicate the conventional leather shoes as closely as possible, in fact, even better!

The fabric is: 

  1. Vegan leather 
  2. Cruelty-free 
  3. Light-weight 
  4. Durable 
  5. Water-resistant 
  6. Easy to clean 
  7. Breathable 

 The versatility of this material is mind-blowing. It can be textured, printed, dyed, and polished in any combination. Despite these microfibres mimicking the leather, they are superior in quality and durable to actual leather. 

The material used has been manufactured and treated in advanced factories, with constant improvement in their performance. This material has been greatly recognized for its quality and innovative alternative to designer leather products. Apart from being a sustainable option, it serves to be an ethically manufactured alternative.

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