Posh Couture: Dual-Coloured Oxford - Brown & Black

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Looking for a lace-up shoe that is stylish and comfortable? This might be the one in your
ally! Look no further. Posh couture is a must-have for men looking for style in everyday
wear. This timelessly elegant oxford style shoe has classy stitching and perfect detailings on the topline, with layers of vegan leather, sewed in order, guaranteeing a perfect fit! 

Design: The upper part of the shoe is made from two different coloured vegan microfiber leather arranged to give a contrasting effect. The contrasting leather material is perfectly complimented with embedded detailing on the edges, blending the fabric together. The toe of the shoes is a bit pointy yet softened to make it perfect for everyday wear! 

This material is made from finely woven fiber. This material is breathable, soft, and has a leather-like finish. The soles are made from a non-slip rubber material, adding grip, and are wear-resistant.
The insole is made from microfiber material, making it comfortable all day. 

Lining: Shoe color
Finishing: Polished
Type: Shoe
Best for: Formal/Special occasion

Made from sustainable leather alternative 

Our material is formulated and developed as a high-quality sustainable alternative to conventional leather. With the advent of chemical technology, the vegan alternative mimics leather and is light, sturdy, and water-resistant. The material is extremely versatile and can be used to make other utility products and items as well! 

Common vegan leathers used are Coffee fiber, microfiber, cactus leather, and high-quality faux leather to name a few. These materials are chosen to replicate the conventional leather shoes as closely as possible, in fact, even better!

The fabric is: 

  1. Vegan leather 
  2. Cruelty-free 
  3. Light-weight 
  4. Durable 
  5. Water-resistant 
  6. Easy to clean 
  7. Breathable 

 The versatility of this material is mind-blowing. It can be textured, printed, dyed, and polished in any combination. Despite these microfibres mimicking the leather, they are superior in quality and durable to actual leather. 

The material used has been manufactured and treated in advanced factories, with constant improvement in their performance. This material has been greatly recognized for its quality and innovative alternative to designer leather products. Apart from being a sustainable option, it serves to be an ethically manufactured alternative.

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